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Dada & The Weathermen.

Welcome in the Dada Room!

The Hi-Fi stereo speakers are humming a song from the last album of Dada as you walk through the low-lit room with carefully controlled steps. All around you can barely guess pictures hanging on the walls. In the exact middle of the room, a deep and very comfortable-looking sofa awaits. Begging you to dive in it and dream away.

blueBUG – Coming Soon

blueBUG cover by Dada and the weathermen

blueBUG cover by Dada and the Weathermen

John Doe

Here it is, the official video for the anonymous John Doe.

Mister D.. finds a key and starts walking through the doors of Time. Let’s see what happens.


Characters is a full-length album by Dada & The Weathermen. It is recommended to listen to it as many times as you want. And share it with people you love.

The album was fully recorded in the Dada Room.